Pre-Customs Clearance Inspection for Mexico

Inspection China,Quality Control,Sourcing China,Testing China,PTSIt is a pre-shipment inspection to verify the conditions of the container and that the shipment of the merchandise is in accordance with the purchase order and complies with the Mexican regulations. This inspection is highly recommended to save money and time at the port. PTS inspectors will take detailed photos of the container and of the merchandise; they will verify the quantities, labels, shipping marks, etc and proceed to seal the container and send a report with detailed and accurate information. We have wide experience working with Mexican companies with different kind of products, but especially with textiles.

Some of the benefits:
· Reduction of customs clearance and time at the port from 24 to 48 hours.
· Avoid the arrival of merchandise that does not comply with the NOM
· Verify in advance that the exact quantities are loaded into the container
· Eliminates the cost of penalties or customs sanctions, storage, delays, etc.
· Clear calculation of taxes and other duties
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